Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Song

Why is it that a beautiful song, a presentation of music, an orchestra of sound can fill you up, move you, bring tears to your eyes?
Since I was little I can remember music moving me to tears, not sobs, just cascading drops of admiration, inspiration at the sound of something truly magical (did I mention the shivers that can accompany the tears). It was actually a very joyful liberating feeling, an outward expression of appreciation.
After my stuck mood last night I awoke this morning to find I had received an email from a friend with a link to a song, something nice to listen to and I have to say I played it until my family left the room, it was a lovely song by a great singer. So I sent her the above song back; a song, that when I first was sent it by a different but equally wonderful friend, I was moved. Inspired, changed, moved from my moment by a song, notes on a page, a beautiful voice, well thought out words. What a nice way to become unstuck on a Saturday morning.


  1. it's amazing the feelings that music can evoke...good post although i love Fleetwood Mac's version of Songbird better lol. Your post made me listen to it again though...a nice reminder of days in the past :)

  2. Music soothes the soul - without it, this world just wouldn't be the same. Absolutely beautiful song.